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Religion, Philosophy, and the Occult

Our religion, Philosophy, and Occult collection includes sermon collections, classic mystical works, philosophical texts, and other works of interest. Some of these works are also available in printed form by arrangement with Riverdale Books.

Thoughts on the Devil and Various Cults
Rabbi Yaakov ben Avrohom

A collection of three 1990 essays, on the general theme of diabolism in a monotheistic religion. The outlook is specifically Jewish, and not what would be called ecumenical. The first essay covers the theme of devils and devil worship, with an emphasis on satanic cults, which were believed to be real and a major concern in the media at the time this was written. The second speaks more generally to cults. The third questions the need for a devil, and suggests that true human potential can only be reached by accepting the idea that both good and evil have a common source and that, ultimately, human beings lack the objective viewpoint that alone can determine which is which. The author has added notes and some more recent perspective for this edition.

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The New Revelation
The Annotated, Exposed and Debunked Edition
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; J.T. McDaniel, Editor

The New Revelation was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s declaration of an ascendant Spiritualist awakening. Doyle firmly believed that the dead were able to communicate with the living, and set forth his reasons in this little 1918 volume. That the Spiritualist revolution Doyle predicted has failed to happen is obvious. In this extensively annotated edition, editor J.T. McDaniel comments at length (between the notes and the Afterword, there is slightly more new material than original) as to why this is the case, and just where Doyle went wrong. The Afterword elaborates, suggesting reasons why it would be best to abandon the idea of an afterlife, and why psychics are really just entertainers with no actual powers.

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18 Sermons & Two Divrei Torah
Rabbi Yaakov ben Avrohom

This collection of 18 sermons and two divrei Torah were written and delivered in 1993. A number of topics are touched upon, including the cult phenomenon, the then hot topic of assisted suicide, and even a couple inspired by a popular TV show. These sermons take a generally Conservative Jewish viewpoint. This collection includes the full set of sermons for Rosh HaShanah 5754. Includes a 2011 Introduction by the author.

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