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Why do we publish erotica? Very simply, we are a for profit business, and whatever your personal view on the subject, erotica sells. It sells very well. With a couple of exceptions, though, it doesn’t sell at Amazon. Most of our titles are available for download at Excitica.com. (Please be aware, you’ll have to become an Excitica member to purchase those books.) All characters in our erotica books are at least 18 years of age.

The Arkansas Family Reunion
Mo Beevir

The Arkansas family was very close. Maybe a little too close for most people. Every year they held a family reunion on grandfather’s farm, and it was always a big deal when one of the kids turned 18 and was allowed to go for the first time. This year it was Suzi’s first time, and she really didn’t believe half the things her brother said would happen.Then she read the reunion rules…

Author Mo Beevir has just revised her most popular ebook, adding an entirely new chapter, and tweaking the rest to provide the reader with the best in family erotica.

Buy The Arkansas Family Reunion at Excitica.com.

Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays
Various Authors

A collection of 18 erotic short stories, Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays opens a window onto a secret world where brothers, sisters, and parents show their affection in ways that society may find unacceptable. A secret world where students and teachers are much closer than you’d expect, and Sex Ed classes may involve more practice than theory. Also includes an introduction by noted hack psychologist, sex expert, and crackpot theorist, Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD., of the sort that sex magazines used to include for “redeeming social value.”

Buy Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays at Excitica.com.

It’s All Relative
Various Authors

There’s something for everyone in this hot collection of family themed sex stories. A trip to Las Vegas with his sister brings Bill luck at the tables, and elsewhere. Prudish anti-porn crusaders have a long-time secret. The aftermath of a family reunion reveals some surprises. Niki thinks her problems are solved, then discovers a new solution when new problems arise. And redheaded twin sisters cause a sensation at a nudist camp.

Buy It’s All Relative at Excitica.com.

Sexually Adventurous
Mo Beevir

Sexually Adventurous contains an even dozen erotic short stories by Mo Beevir. Themes range from accidental sexual encounters, naughty students and teachers, and rather too close families. As a bonus, this volume also contains Mark Twain's humorous 1879 lecture, Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism.

In New in Town, opening the window on an airshaft in a cheap hotel leads to a passionate encounter with a neighbor. Selling an old car is a prelude to lust in Fun in a Used Car Lot. The Family Kanagawa is very close. An Office With a View comes with a window looking out on a ‘parking’ turnoff behind the building, and a horny secretary to help. And much more.

Buy Sexually Adventurous at Excitica.com.

Loving Families
Mo Beevir

A wonderful collection of new short stories from favorite author Mo Beevir. Loving Families tells the stories of six very close families, with an additional tale of a businessman who encounters a pair of kinky sisters in a Yokohama bar. Settings range from late 18th century England, to modern day America and Japan.

In “A Little Help,” all Bill wanted to do was take a shower. His twin sister had other ideas. She said she could wash his back, but it wasn’t his back that she started soaping up. Six more erotic tales, from a master of the genre, follow for the discriminating adult’s entertainment.

Buy Loving Families at Excitica.com.

One Room
Lauren Milfinger

When coworkers Marion and Bill take a business trip together, the first night goes just fine, even if the motel reminds Marion of something out of a Hitchcock movie. But when they get to their destination, the company has screwed up the reservations and there’s only one room available. They’ll have to share. Neither has brought sleepwear, so it’s going to be a little awkward.

It gets even more awkward when Marion sees what Bill has in his shorts, but the awkwardness vanishes when she discovers she’d been mistaken about him all this time. He wasn’t gay after all. Far from it.

Buy One Room at Amazon.com.

Lust for Blood
Lauren Milfinger

Lady Anna Corwin and Suzanne Willis roomed together at school. Three years later, in 1895, Suzanne arrives at Muntglare Manor to visit her old friend. Soon they are again sharing a bed, and each other.

Into this idyllic setting comes a new neighbour, Lord Anthony Ravensbrook, a handsome, charming young man with a terrible allergy to sunlight. Soon, Lady Anna is having frightening, erotic dreams of Lord Ravensbrook, and seems to be suffering a physical decline. A local shop girl, after a similar illness, dies suddenly. Another girl is found near the churchyard with her throat torn out and drained of blood. Is there a vampire plaguing High Coulston?

Buy Lust for Blood at Amazon.com: Paperback; Kindle