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Books From Other Publishers

In addition to our own books, we are able to offer some print and ebooks from other publishers. Some of these are sold from our own store, others are available from Amazon.com and other online booksellers.

J.T. McDaniel

In his most popular book, author J.T. McDaniel takes the Gato class submarine USS Bacalao from the builder’s yard in Connecticut, to Pearl Harbor on the day of the Japanese attack, and on into action in the Pacific. Larry Miller is present through all of this, rising from fourth officer during construction, to XO and, after a brief period as CO of an S-boat in the Aleutians, returning to become Bacalao’s last wartime commanding officer. Somehow, in the midst of war, Miller also finds time to woo and wed a beautiful Australian WRANS officer. Former submariners have praised this novel both for its story and its technical accuracy.

Published by: Riverdale Books

Available from: Amazon.com: Kindle, Paperback, audiobook; Audible.com

With Honour in Battle
J.T. McDaniel

This exciting novel of undersea warfare thrillingly portrays the deadly tension of life at sea, where courageous men must again and again venture forth to face an overwhelming enemy in a battle they know is already lost. Pitting technology against a triumphant foe, With Honour in Battle tells a compelling story of courage, determination and sacrifice in the face of hopeless odds.

Published by: Riverdale Books

Available from our store: ePub, Mobi, PDF; Amazon.com: Kindle, Paperback; Apple iBook

The Alukam
Jacob Thomson

From 17th century Poland to 1993 Florida, this fascinating novel seamlessly combines the matter of fact style of a police procedural with the horror and eroticism of the vampire tale. Drawn from obscure stories in the Jewish mystical tradition, The Alukam presents an entirely new type of vampire—one unaffected by crosses, sunlight, or any of the traditional remedies, and one who can rest in his coffin only on the sabbath.

Published by: Riverdale Books

Available from our store: ePub, Mobi, PDF; Amazon.com: Kindle, Paperback; Apple iBook