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General Fiction

Most of our fiction books fall into a specific genre, but a few do not, and those are shown on this page.

Tom Brown’s Schooldays
Thomas Hughes

First published in 1857, Thomas Hughes' novel Tom Brown's Schooldays has remained popular well into modern times. Hughes was a Rugby alumnus, and dedicated the novel to the widow of his old headmaster, Dr. Thomas Arnold. While the story has entertained generations of mostly young readers, and inspired an entire genre of British boarding school novels, perhaps the character best known to modern readers is the bully Flashman. An important, though ultimately minor character in the first part of Tom Brown's Schooldays, he would later be appropriated as the protagonist of a highly popular series of novels by British author George MacDonald Fraser.

Hughes' novel takes Tom Brown from childhood as the son of the local squire, to his early days at a private boarding school (terminated by an epidemic at the school), and then right through his years at Rugby, a real school that is today best known to those outside Britain for the modified form of soccer that originated there and bears the school's name. Rugby (the game) and cricket both figure prominently in the story. The final chapter, which takes place in 1842, is mostly a tribute to Arnold, who died in that year.

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Blackout & Other Stories
J.T. McDaniel

This new short story collection contains a total of 16 stories, including three never previously published anywhere. The title story is a hard boiled mystery with a twist. This volume also contains submarine and U-boat adventures, a couple of vampires, disaster at sea, supernatural goings on, and even an unlikely encounter between a battleship and a carrier task force. Available in our usual ePub, PDF, and Mobi formats from our own store, plus Kindle and iBook editions. Also be available as a $9.99 trade paperback edition from Riverdale Books. And be sure to look for the forthcoming Audio Book edition, read by the author, coming soon.

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Coming Out
J.T. McDaniel

When the Anderson family gathers to celebrate Bob and Susan's 40th wedding anniversary, no more than the usual fussing is expected. Both parents are college professors, and the atheist philosopher Bob plans to have a few drinks before dealing with his eldest son, James, the pastor of a suburban Dallas mega-church and a well-known televangelist. Theological bickering has been a normal part of their relationship for years, and by this time really only annoys Susan, who keeps trying to change the subject.

But no one was expecting younger son George to pick this day to announce both that he's gay, and that he plans to move to New York in order to marry his fiance, Eric. Bob, Susan, and their daughter Ellen are fine with this, having figured out George was gay years ago, but James, who either never noticed, or perhaps refused to do so, immediately commences a homophobic tirade, loudly declaring that George is now certainly doomed to eternal punishment in hell, and invoking every fundamentalist argument available suggesting that the very existence of gays is destroying the country and the world.

The situation isn't exactly helped when Bob's secretary, Carol, shows up and reveals that she's pregnant with his child. Based on the author's Best Play nominated stage comedy, this novella, adapted from McDaniel’s best-play nominated dark comedy, touches on the subjects of gay marriage, bigotry, religion, infidelity, and domestic abuse. At times touching, enlightening, frightening, and deeply moving, Coming Out provides a timely look at some of the controversial subjects that are making news today, and does so with a rare sense of humor.

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