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C.E.B. Pubs Means Quality eBooks

C.E.B. Pubs produces quality classic and modern literature in ePub, PDF, and Mobi formats, for reading on nearly all computers and most portable devices. Our editions are all reasonably priced, but unlike many others republishing older works, we always take the time to carefully edit our products in order to insure our customers a pleasant reading experience.

EBooks have taken many forms during their still relatively brief history, from simple text files, to sophisticated formats requiring special hardware readers. Today, in addition to specialized readers such as Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s nook, just about all computers, laptops, and tablets come with some sort of reading app, and can download others. Between our three standard formats, we cover 99% of popular reading devices. Some of our exclusive titles will also be available as Apple iBooks.

We originally sold exclusively through Amazon.com, but policy changes there have seen us looking into other sales channels. We have our own store now, utilizing the Selz.com fulfillment service. Some of our books remain available from Amazon, and we’re working on getting the rest back on their system (which means editing the books to include scholarly references, notes, and so forth, as Amazon has decided they’ll be the only suppliers of basic public domain titles).

We have completely redone this website, and a few of the categories no longer have anything listed in them. We’re in the process of reformatting the books that used to be there, and you can expect to see them back before too much longer.   

Genres and Categories

General Fiction
This category includes just about everything. Most of the titles you’ll find in this section will also appear in one of the more specialized categories.

The books in this section are classic fiction and non-fiction adventure stories that have thrilled and delighted readers for many years.

This section is for the grownups. Like any publisher, we’re interested in making a profit, so we’ve added a few “naughty” books to the mix. None of these are sold on this site, but we’ll tell you where to go to buy them.

Contains books either about history, or of historical significance. Also found here are historical documents, such as State of the Union addresses.

Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction
Your publisher and editor likes ghost and horror stories, and grew up reading science fiction, so expect this section to grow fairly quickly.

Mystery and Detective
Another favorite category for your publisher and editor, who grew up reading every paperback private eye novel he could get his hands on.

Nature and the Outdoors
Here you’ll find classic works on various natural subjects, from conservation, to farming, to hunting and fishing, to just about anything else you’d ever do outdoors.

Classical and contemporary poetry in digital form.

Religion, Philosophy, and the Occult
While the bulk of our titles are new editions of classic works, this section includes some newer material as well.

AdventureHorror / Fantasy / SFHorror / Fantasy / SFAdventure

Nature / Outdoors Fiction